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Germano Guimaraes

Germano Guimaraes

Co-Founder and Director

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GCL 2009 Brazil

Achievements Or Awards

In 2010 he won two awards  in the categories of Innovation and Excellence in Public Management from Mario Covas Award.


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Job Experience

Advisor of the Secretary in the Department of Social Development of the State of Sao Paulo. In the Federal Government, he worked in the Administrative Council for Economic Defense in Brasilia. He was advisor of the chief of staff in the Department of Education of the State of São Paulo. He worked at the Instituto Endeavor with entrepreneurship education. Former president of Gerogetown University – GCL Alumni and co-founder of the Big Bang - Meeting of young leaders and entrepreneurs in Latin America. He is currently a Director and Co-founder of the Instituto Tellus. Is member of Advisory Council of Natura Institute and member of Global Shapers of World Economic Forum.

Higher Education

Germano Guimarães is graduate in Public Administration from Fundação Getulio Vargas in São Paulo and graduate in Global Competitiveness Leadership Program from Georgetown University in Washington. 



Instituto Tellus

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