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Ernesto Hidalgo Vidal

Ernesto Hidalgo Vidal

Financial Manager

GCL 2010 Ecuador



Job Experience

After working for two years in the financial and insurance industries, Ernesto earned a full scholarship to Georgetown’s Global Competitiveness Leadership Program in January 2010. After finishing the Program, Ernesto founded a business he’d been incubating for some months: Scholasticus, which aimed to provide premium study abroad services to foreign undergraduate students in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Meanwhile, Ernesto got involved in a family project to launch and operate the city’s first waterpark. The project is now approved and undergoing final implementation. Eventually Scholasticus went broke ( ϑ , a great learning experience) and then he started working on Betmul. Betmul.com is now live and Betmul is the world´s first multilevel betting exchange, where users can create, participate in, and resolve bets on any imaginable topic.

Higher Education



Cerropark S.A.

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