Daniela Galindo


GCL 2016

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CEO at Hablando con Julis

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Industrial Engineer
CEO at Hablando con Julis

Hablando con Julis

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Areas: Corporate Social Responsibility, Education, Social and Inclusion

Sector: Private

Phase: Implemented

Objective: Hablando con Julis is a non-profit organization that created the technological solution for people with speech, reading and writing difficulties to be able to communicate and learn with you, without any understanding problems. As a communicative tool, it allows a person to fluently express themselves by means of the connection between image – word – sign – and voice with their family, friends, and others of different contexts, breaking these existing barriers. As a learning process tool, it facilitates the acquisition of reading and writing in the native or second language and helps comprehension of different school-related topics. Principal Objectives: 1. Total communication: Allows the person who is not able to speak to communicate with anyone, anywhere. Also, allows the person who has not learnt how to read and write, to read and write by using the technology. 2. Enhances Pronunciation 3. Enhances reading and writing skills 4. Enhances learning of new Vocabulary 5. Enhances Grammar 6. Enhances basic learning processes: Attention, focus, description, observation, among others.