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Latin American Youth Network for Democracy

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Website http://www.juventudlac.org

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We seek to have a higher impact in international solidarity and empower our peers to engage in the defense of democracy and human rights. Accordingly, we denounce abuses of power, lack of accountability and transparency in Latin-American governments monitoring the cases of corruption, asking for justice to reduce impunity, defending human rights and democracy. Nevertheless, we do not stay only at the level of protest or denounce, we contribute with the democratic process and the stability of the law.


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Strategic Allies

Agreement signed with:<br>Organization of American States (OAS) <a href="http://www.oas.org" title="Link: http://www.oas.org">http://www.oas.org</a><br>Latin American Network for Democracy <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="http://www.redlad.org" title="Link: http://www.redlad.org">www.redlad.org</a> <br>Grants received from:<br>National Endowment for Democracy <a href="http://www.ned.org" title="Link: http://www.ned.org">www.ned.org</a><br>Konrad Adenauer Foundation <a href="http://www.kas.de" title="Link: http://www.kas.de">www.kas.de</a> <br>Worked in alliance to:<br>Youth American Business Trust <a href="http://www.yabt.net">www.yabt.net</a><br>World Movement for Democracy <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="http://www.movedemocracy.org" title="Link: http://www.movedemocracy.org">http://www.movedemocracy.org</a><br><br>

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